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The official schedule for the Wild West was:

St. Louis Monday-Saturday, May 10-15.

St. Louis Sherman burial     Funeral of William T. Sherman in 1891 in St. Louis.


St. Louis on the river 2

St. Louis Ralphs Brothers Grocers

Sunday rest. They often had to spend the morning setting up the show if they traveled over night.

Terre Haute, IN Monday & Tuesday, May 17-18.

Terre Haute Brewing Co.

Terre Haute Coca-Cola bottle

Terre Haute hotel

Terre Haute street cars


Dayton, OH Wednesday & Thursday, May 18-20.

Dayton circus parade     Circus parade

Dayton main street

Dayton NFL first game

Dayton street


Newark OH Friday, May 21.

Newark Ohio ditch digging

Newark Ohio street car

Newark Ohio street

Newark Ohio Union Station


Zanesville, OH Saturday, May 22.

Zanesville Ohio bridge

Zanesville Ohio courthouse

Zanesville Ohio

Sunday rest.


Wheeling, WV Monday & Tuesday, May 24-25.

Wheeling WV baseball game

Wheeling WV grocery store

Wheeling WV street


Cumberland, MD Wednesday, May 26.

Cumberland MD German brewery

Cumberland MD town

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