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This is the second half of the 1886 season for the Wild West. Upon leaving Cumberland, they arrived in DC for a week and a half. Again, not all these pictures are from 1886, some are as late as 1900.

Washington, DC Thursday-Saturday, Sunday rest, Monday-Saturday, May 27-June 5.

Washington street

Washington hotel

Washington Bach_Abe_0

Sunday rest.


Philadelphia, PA Monday-Saturday, Sunday rest, Monday-Saturday, June 7-June 19.

Philidelphia Betsy Ross home

Betsy Ross home in the center.

Philidelphia Liberty torch on display 1876, then moved to New York

The torch on display in 1876 before being sent to Madison Square in NYC.

Philidelphia Mill Creek sewer

Philidelphia street 2

Philidelphia street with elivated

Philidelphia street


Staten Island, NY June 20-25 to prepare, parade in NYC on Saturday, June 26.

Staten Island baseball stands 1886

Drawing of the Mets field at St. George.

Staten Island beach

There were several nice beaches for the New Yorkers to visit.

Staten Island Ferry boats

The Staten Island Ferry leaving New York.

Staten Island homes

Two of the wealthier residencies.

Staten Island Indians in show

Staten Island map

Staten Island Mariners Harbor modern view of trees

A modern picture above of the general site where the Wild West set up.

Staten Island New Brighten

Staten Island Roller Coaster

Staten Island St. George ad

Staten Island Street

Staten Island, NY, first show June 28, last show September 30.


New York City, NY The Garden at Madison Square, first show Wednesday, November 24, last show Tuesday, February 22

madison Barnums_Hippodrome

The Garden as it would have looked while the Wild West was there.



Garden # 2 below at the same location. It is the tall tower and building behind Madison Square. It served the city until 1926.

Madison 1890

Madison Square 2

Madison Square 3


Garden # 3 was built at 8th Ave and about 50th St. It was in use until 1968.

Madison III

Madison III 2

Notice the open windows for air conditioning. This Garden closed in 1968.


Garden # 4 again at a new location, this time at about 8th Ave and 31 St. It was built to be part of the remodeled Penn Station complex, in part to take advantage of the subway access.

Taxi cabs sit in front of Madison Square Garden (MSG) in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, April 30, 2013. The Madison Square Garden Co. is scheduled to release earnings data on May 3. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Penn Madison 3

Penn Station 4


Penn Station was an institution in NYC for many years, second to Grand Central Station in traffic. Grand was first built on site in 1871, but has been remodeled several times since. Penn Station was built in 1910 and much of it remains from that day.

Pennsylvania Station in NYC jammed with people during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Pennsylvania Station in NYC jammed with people during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Penn Station 7

The view above shows Madison Square Garden above Penn Station and the many rail lines leading into the station.

Penn Station     Penn Station


Below, Madison Square is now Madison Park and judging from the maps, it is the same size as it was in 1886. I do not know what is currently located on the site of the first two Gardens.

madison-square-park 2



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