Dark Snow 15 Dec 2015 KINDLE

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Remmy left the stockyard in KC, stopped at the stockyard in Omaha and ended up in the massive Union Stockyards in Chicago. Living the good life in 1886.


Chicago Union Stockyards 2

Chicago Union Stockyards 3


Chicago Union Stockyards

Chicago dead horse

What do you do when your horse dies, leave it for the kids to play with.


chicago fire image

State & Madison after the 1871 fire.


Chicago first electric street car

Chicago’s first electric street car.


Chicago Pullman

Home of George Pullman in the rich neighborhood. Pullman had a railroad spur line built to his house for use of his private car.


Chicago Rush Street bridge

The Rush Street Bridge.


Chicago State street

State Street.


Chicago street 2

Chicago street

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