Kansas City

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Once Remmy is able to leave Fort Scott, he goes to Kansas City, Kansas where the stockyards are located. He gets a job at the yards and meets Sam. The two become best friends.

By 1900 the yards expanded to the other side of the Missouri River, but Remmy never entered Missouri or the other KC.

Each cities on either side of the river was created by merging several towns together and naming the conglomeration Kansas City.

Because the meat packing plants, and the stockyards that supported them, were established on the Kansas side, and Santa Fe decided to build their largest rail yards there, KCK held its own in size up to the Civil War. In 1880, KCMO was at 55,000 and KCK was at 40,000. As of 2013, KCMO is at 467,007 and KCK is at 148,483, with the metropolitan statistical area of Kansas City at 2.4 million.


Kansas City Stockyards 2

Several of these pictures were taken in the 20th Century, but they show the size.


Kansas City Stockyards 3

The meat packing buildings show in this photo.


Kansas City Stockyards 4

This is closer to what Remmy would have seen.


Kansas City Stockyards 5

Kansas City Stockyards 6

Kansas City Stockyards

This last painting gives a view of the yards as they would have been in 1886. The smoke was mostly from the packing plants.


Kansas City Cowboys 1886 2 Kansas City Cowboys 1886 3

Kansas City Cowboys 1886 4 Kansas City Cowboys 1886

The Kansas City Cowboys in the 1886 season, their one and only. When I look at the other team photos, I notice that the KC crew is much cleaner shaved. Maybe that’s why they lost.

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