Dollmaker is the sixth book in a series featuring an unlikely pair of detectives working in Paris during the Nazi occupation. The senior partner is the Frenchman, Jean-Louis St-Cyr, working with the German, Hermann Kohler. Not only is he German, he is Gestapo. But what the Gestapo does not know is that Kohler has little use for the Nazis and their brutality.

The two have become best friends over the course of the war and often team up against the powers of both the Germans and the French, as happens in this story.

A little known and little liked store owner in a seaside resort town was murdered and the Captain of U297 was arrested. Berlin wanted him cleared of charges so his boat could return to action.

But the story is not that simple. There are numerous suspects, none of whom tell the whole truth, when they tell the truth at all. There is physical evidence, but it could point to almost any of the suspects,

Because the book is set in the historical events of WWII, I knew I wanted to read it; I always enjoy historically based stories. I was surprised to discover that Janes has written in the little used head-hopping style. He has done it very well, but the reader does have to pay attention to who’s thoughts are being expressed. The advantage of the style is that the reader can know at least some of the inner thinking of all involved. Of course, the author still doesn’t give away details we need to solve the case.

I have ordered a copy of Janes’ first book in the series (see here) where the two detectives meet for the first time and look forward to reading it and more of their investigations.

Mike Lawrence

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