The Blood of Lorraine


This is the second book in a series written by Pope. My first review is here. In this second story, magistrate Bernard Martin has moved to Nancy in the province of Lorraine with his new wife. Martin becomes involved in a case that none of the other magistrates want to tackle.

When a baby is mutilated and killed, citizens began to blame Jews who, of course, used the baby in a ritual sacrifice. Martin becomes suspicious of the parents of the baby as well as a wandering tinker who sharpens knives for a living. With all the public outcry, Clarie Martin enters a deep depression after giving birth to their first child and Martin has to deal with her as well as with the case.

After a Jewish man is murdered, Nancy is near riot stage and Martin has to risk his life to get at the truth.

Pope has written another rich, dense, satisfying novel of 1880’s France.

Mike Lawrence

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