Fields of Wrath


This is the first of a series featuring a priest in Los Angeles who manages to solve crimes in between duties at the Church of Saint Augustine. Luis Chavis was born in LA and just returned from seminary to become the junior priest of Saint Augustine. When a Mexican woman is found on the church grounds with a gunshot wound, she tells Father Chavis an incredible tale of murder. When four armed men kidnap her from the rectory, Chavis takes it personally and begins a search to discover what is happening at the farms of the Marshak family. What he discovers leads him close to death until he uncovers enough evidence to bring in federal, state, and local police to clean up a massive human rights disaster.

This is a well written story with good pace and suspense. Sadly, it is also close to describing real events.

Mike Lawrence

Rough Weather


I purchased my copy as a library discard because I enjoy Parker’s writing style. I you like noir mysteries, you will enjoy Parker.

In this story, Spenser is called upon to attend a wedding of the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in Massachusetts. The wedding goes well until the gunmen arrive. Enough said.

The story is filled with plot twists, action, and monosyllabic conversations. Great stuff.

Mike Lawrence