Short Drop


Gibson Vaughn is a legendary computer hacker, with jail time to prove it, who is recruited by a former enemy to find Suzanne Lombard. Suzanne and Gibson had more or less grown up together until Gibson hacked her father’s computer and exposed him as an embezzler. But Senator Lombard offered proof that his long time political advisor, Duke Vaughn, Gibson’s father, had actually stolen the money. When Duke hanged himself, Gibson went into free fall until a judge left him little option but to join the Marines.

While Gibson was out of the picture, Suzanne, at the age of 15, disappeared. Ten years later, Gibson began the rollercoaster search for his best friend.

I was hooked on page one and wanted to read to the end without stop.  The story has plenty of suspense, twists, and flips. As a tense mystery, this is tops.

Mike Lawrence

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