A Cold Day for Murder


This is the first book of the series about Kate Shugak, an Aleut who quit her job as an investigator for the DA. In this first account, she is given an opportunity to work for her former boss to find two men who disappeared in the Park. That would be the 8 million acre Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve (Yellowstone is 2.2 million acres). Wrangell has no roads.

Kate, struggling with her nightmares, searches the wilderness by talking to the locals, nearly all of whom know her. Because she knows them in turn, she can sort through their lies and misdirection and home in on the one place in the Park that the two men must be.

It you hate snow and cold, this might not be for you, even though the temperature did rise above 32 at least once in the story.

I give the book a solid 4 star rating.

Mike Lawrence

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