Some Danger Involved

This is the 2004 entry by Will Thomas, his first of a series. It is the story of a detective operating in London in 1884 who brings in an assistant. No, it is not Holmes and Watson. While Thomas is a Holmes enthusiast, this is the account of Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn. The author wanted to dirty-up London and have his heroes engage in bloody battle in the grim streets; he succeed.

This story deals with the unrest created by a substantial influx of Jewish immigrants. A murder by crucifixion of a Jewish teacher set off unrest on both sides of the immigrant-religious line. Llewelyn did not realize when he accepted the position that promised, ‘some danger involved’, just how dangerous it could get.

I enjoyed the book and expect to read the next in the series. Yes, Thomas does mix Holmesianisms into the story, but mainly, Barker and Llewelyn are believable in their own rights.

Mike Lawernce

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

This is one of those books that some will love and some will throw against the wall. I was engrossed from page one.

Pulley has deftly woven a story into the history of London of 1884 using bits of fantasy, science fiction, Nineteenth Century ether theory, and inter-dimensional warps. Amazon lists the book as historical, and I agree. The events occur completely in the London we know from history, but with suggestions of other worldliness. That statement is somewhat misleading; we do visit Japan twenty years earlier to get some understanding on Keita Mori, the Samurai Watchmaker.

At its base, this is a story of Thaniel Steepleton who must choose between his two best friends, Mori and Grace Carrow. The decision is enmeshed in the bombing of Scotland Yard and the police suspicion that Mari is the bomber.

This is a solid 4.2. Good read.

Mike Lawrence