Drinking Gourd

I had no hesitation in giving this book five stars. I have not read any of Hambly’s work before, but I will be reading more soon. Her choice of New Orléans in the 1830’s as the base for a former slave working in the Underground Railroad was inspired. Cotton became king in the Andrew Jackson decade, a time of unparalleled expansion of slavery.

She does not waste words. The characters are briefly described, yet vivid. Following the plot is like following the oxbows of the River. Just as I had settled in on a good storyline, she threw a big right curve. Resettled, the left curve stunned me.

Hambly also writes a vampire mystery series, sci-fi, and others. There are currently 15 books in the Ben January series, and Drinking Gourd is number 14.

This is an important story historically and a good read.

Mike Lawrence

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