This is a very different war story. Six German teenagers in 1939 have been friends forever. But they must choose sides as their nation goes to war. The story is about the splitting of the friendships, not only by the war but by loves lost.

The book actually opens in 1998 when Robert Lubisch begins a search to discover what secret might lay behind the photo of a young woman. His father died, leaving behind the photo and two strange documents from the war that could not belong to his father.

As his search stirs up secrets long hidden, we, the readers, are privy to the lives of the six young ones in 1939 and after.

This is the first book by Borrmann to be translated into English. She has been successful in Germany. This translation is well done.

I like this story mainly because it is not formulaic. Predicting the conclusion will be difficult because Borrmann takes us through several plot twists before reaching the revel. And yes, it is a murder mystery.

Mike Lawrence

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