The Tourist

Steinhauer follows the trail blazed by Robert Ludlum and Len Deighton. His hero in this story is Milo Weaver, at least when he’s not undercover. That early CIA work was for the super secret  Tourist bureau–a corral full of spies who accepted any assignment from the boss without question, even if it involved murder.

Milo left that behind for a desk, a wife, and a daughter. He spent several years tracking down The Tiger, an elusive assassin for hire. Catching him placed him back undercover; accused of killing The Tiger and his friend and fellow agent.

There are enough twists in this story to braid a good rope. Steinhauer does not leave we readers much time to rest. There are familiar themes in the story, but they feel new. That is one of the marks of a good writer. There are no news stories, there are just new ways to tell the old ones.

The positive values, if not Christian values, are Milo’s loyalty to his friends and his family. He refuses to compromise just to save himself, even if it means jail and execution.

If you like thrillers, this is a good one.

Mike Lawrence

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