This is book 3 of the Nick Dixon series about a Detective Inspector who succeeds without breaking a sweat. He is quick and brash and even his Superintendent lets him have his way and only his Detective Sergeant can put him in his place, but only because they are playing house.

You might have guessed I’m not as impressed with the DI as Mr. Boyd is, but don’t let that stop you from reading a good story. It is a good police procedural centered around the death of a groomsman kicked to death by a prize racehorse, or not.

There are twists, including the fact that Dixon is just out of the hospital with stitches holding his shoulder together from an earlier knife wound. Said stitches rupture when he takes on two killers by himself, not wanting to risk his lovely Sergeant who is upstairs with the dog. John Wayne lives.

It is about as quick a read as I’ve seen in a while. I liked it.

Oh, did anyone else think, Dick Nixon?

Mike Lawrence

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