This is a change of pace for me. Horror is not something I generally like, but this caught my eye. It is a haunted house story but set in a big-box IKEA-like store called Orsk. The opening sentence sets us up for what is to come.  It was dawn, and the zombies were stumbling through the parking lot, streaming toward the massive beige box at the far end.

With those few words, author Hendrix prepares us to see the employes as little more than zombies, which in turn prepares us for the un-living zombies soon to come.

What gives this story a new twist is the IKEA setting; the comparison between the living and the dead zombies (yes, it continues); and the humor. The main character is Amy, a sharp-mouthed woman floating through life. Her attitude makes the story pop.

If you like The Walking Dead, or perhaps the Greatful Dead, you’ll like this book. If you are squeamish about a little bloodletting, give it a pass.

I enjoyed the book and even found redeeming qualities. Amy turns herself around and tries to help her new friends. There is more to her boss who hates her than Amy imagined. Evil will lose in the end.

Mike Lawrence

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