Beware the Past

Ellis writes English based thrillers. I normally avoid American thrillers because the heros seem to end up doing the impossible, a la Superman. So, I decided to try the British version. Much the same.

DCI Matt Ballard has announced his intention to retire in the next few months; that is, until a photo was sent to Ballard of the scene of an unsolved murder; a photo taken before the decades-old murder occurred.

Other photos followed, then a fresh body in the same area as the three unsolved murders. Ballard’s team uncovered plenty of evidence, but there was nothing that led to a solution. Was the killer the same person from before or was it a copy cat killing?

Gradually, Ballard became aware that he was the target of someone’s spying on him. Everything he held close, all his hidden secrets, were gradually forced out of him until his super decided to remove him from the case.

Instead, Ballard went alone to bring down the killer, a la Superman.

There is a nice twist ending, but you may have it figured out before then.

This is a well-told story. I enjoyed the read. But I still don’t like thrillers.  I prefer a good who-done-it.

Mike Lawrence

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