Paper Doll

Olivia Nelson was the perfect wife and mother. Her husband was Boston Old Money. When she was found in the street near her home, bludgeoned to death with a hammer, the police were stumped. Her husband hired Spenser to find the truth.

This is book 20 in the Spenser series, published in 1992. His wisecracks are right out of Archie Goodwin working for Nero Wolfe. His pursuit of criminals is similar to Sam Spade with less drinking and more exercise. It was the 90’s.

This is a predictable story except for the plot. Yes, Spenser works his way through all obstacles, but the killer remains unpunished. You may work it out before Spenser does, but don’t count on it.

This is a light beach read, or in my case, an airplane read. You can put your brain in neutral, sit back, and enjoy.

Mike Lawrence

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