Cape Refuge

This is a Christian book. It is a murder mystery as well.

Blackstock created a fictional island just south of the real Tybee Island near Savannah, GA. On her island, she created Hanover House with a long history of providing living rooms for people in need. The more recent owners continued the pattern, concentrating on helping recently released prisoners. After some bad publicity, many in the beachfront tourist town want them to shut down.

As the two Owens daughters wait at the city meeting for their parents to defend themselves, the parents are murdered.

As a murder mystery, this is a good read with a believable plot and conclusion. You may guess who-dun-it before the end, but not much before.

My complaint is with the overabundance of religious language. As a Christian, I think the faith of Morgan Owens can be clearly stated without bringing it up in every chapter (I exaggerate, some).

This is the first of the four book series, and I plan to read book 2.

Mike Lawrence

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