The Birthday

This is a 2018 book, the first and currently the only Detective Natalie Ward novel. In that same year, Wyer published the 5th book in another murder series featuring Detective Robyn Carter. I have not read any of them.

In this story, a body is uncovered at a construction site that turns out to be a five-year-old girl who disappeared two years earlier at a birthday party. Ward flounders in the search, discovering only dead ends. Then a girl is found murdered and wearing a yellow dress. This girl had been at the party two years before. As the team uncovers more and more facts, frustration builds because they all lead nowhere.

A third girl in a yellow dress is discovered and the hunt intensifies. Everyone is working nearly round the clock, yet nothing yields results. Until a key piece of evidence helps Ward to piece it all together.

I give Wyer credit. She did not withhold any evidence from we readers. We saw all just as Ward saw it. When that key piece came up, I said to myself, knew it all the time–not.

It really is a nicely written story. Four stars +.

Mike Lawrence

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