The Forgotten Man

This is a good read, but not a great read. Elvis Cole is a private eye in LA whose ability is close to superhero status. His friend, Joe Pike, is a tough, take no prisoners ex-cop who can spot danger from a mile away. Between them, the evil-doers don’t stand a chance. This is book ten of sixteen so far.

Having gotten that out of my system, Cole is brought in on a murder case where the victim’s dying words were that he was Cole’s long lost father. We get to revisit his youth as he searched for the father he never knew. His mother never told him anything about the man except that he was the human cannonball in the circus.

I have not read any others in this series so can only judge the author’s qualities on this one alone. Crais gives Cole and other characters some flaws (though not Pike) but they strike me as trite. The story is predictable, though I did not see the climax coming. I suspect that Crais spent time developing Cole’s backstory to try to give him a more human touch, and if I had read the first nine books it would probably have seemed more natural.

It’s a good beach read.

Mike Lawrence

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