Archie Meets Nero Wolfe

If you like Nero Wolfe, this is a great read. Goldsborough has permission from Stout’s estate to write this and other Wolfe books (14 as of now). He has written seven of his own in the Snap Malek series.

What is great is that Goldsborough went through all of Stout’s books pulling out details about the meeting of the two detectives. All of the major players in the series appear in this story. The storyline of a kidnapping is also mentioned by Stout. To oversimplify, Goldsborough just filled in the details.

It’s true, Stout did not include as much sex and violence as we are used to these days. It’s also true that Wolfe spends most of his time sitting, reading, eating, and tending to his orchards, but he is always putting together the puzzle pieces Archie and the others deliver to him. If you like a good mind game, you’ll like Wolfe. And Archie is a great smart mouth.

Mike Lawrence

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