The Paris Spy

This is book 7 in MacNeal’s series on Maggie Hope and I’ve read the first six. It is a quick and easy read.  Number 8 is out and 9 can be pre-ordered.

I’m sure I’ll read them, but I was a little disappointed with the first part of The Paris Spy. I felt that MacNeal spent too much time rehashing past storylines instead of jumping into the new story.

It is a good story, once it gets going. It may be that I expected more, but I didn’t feel the tension. It felt more like Maggie was going through the motions. I also find it harder to suspend belief knowing that Maggie is an American. In every book, she meets important people and is given important leadership roles in the British system. I know in the war the Brits were willing to accept help where they could get it, but Maggie is a bit much.

Anyway, good beach read.

Mike Lawrence

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