Yes, this is another Perry book. I just reported on Forty Thieves and now this one. Silence came out in 2007, which puts it in the middle of his current work. In all, I have read 6 of his books. While I like the Jane Whitefield series best, his writing is captivating.

To dumb down the story, a husband/wife hired killer team attempts to find and kill Wendy Harper who disappeared six years earlier. Jack Till, former LAPD homicide detective and current PI, helped her out of town.

Now that her former best friend has been charged with murdering Wendy, Till goes on the hunt to find her and prove she is not dead. Followed by the killers, the chase eventually returns to LA where all is set right, well, almost all.

Perry seems to have a thing about people assuming new identities. That has happened in all 6 of the books I have read. Another theme is the hired killer. His first published book, The Butcher’s Boy, was the tale of a hired killer who wanted to go straight.

For me, the biggest drawback was the number and length of character flashbacks. All of the major players spent pages thinking about how they arrived at the conflict point.

If you are into mystery and suspense, you’ll like this one.

Mike Lawrence

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