The Nearest Exit

This is book 2 in what is so far a 4 book series featuring Milo Weaver as a CIA agent from the Tourist Department. It is so secret that only enemy agents know about it. You can read my comments on his first book, The Tourist, here.

In this edition, Milo is invited back to work after serving some time in jail for a murder he did not commit. He is given small jobs in Europe to prove himself ready for bigger jobs. But when he is told to kill a teenage girl from a poor family in Germany, he arranges her disappearance with the plan of letting her return to her family in a few months. That sets him on a path that pits him against his boss, his father, his wife, and the heads of intelligence agencies around the world.

If you like spy novels, this one is good. Milo is neither Bond nor Bourne but he does his work better than most. Having been a tourist for a number of years he has developed a conscience. He tries to do the job without harming too many people. Not everyone in his business understands him.

Mike Lawrence

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