I spent my working life studying and teaching American history and government. Everyone agrees that our national government is dysfunctional but not enough people are doing anything about the problem. We complain about Congress and the President, forgetting that we the people are the cause of the dysfunction.

Every society is made up of sub-cultures. In the US we are divided into racial groups, pro/anti-abortion groups, gay/straight groups, gun rights groups, pro/con conservation groups, etc. etc, etc.

One point of contention that has become an increasingly hot topic is taxes. We argue over who pays the most and who pays the least. I have studied and taught about taxes and have never seen a more accurate presentation on the issue than this one from Vox. The chart you see below is NOT the total. Watch to the end. Yes, there are differences from state to state, but this is a great summary every citizen should see.

Mike Lawrence

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