The Doll

This is book 3 of a, so far, five-book series. Vanessa Michael Munroe is a woman who learned the hard way how to defend herself. She, not unlike the author Taylor Stevens, experienced years of abuse; but years of learning how to deliver abuse as well.

This time Munroe is dropped with a tranquilizer dart on page one and wakes up in a stinking dungeon in Zagreb, Croatia. Eventually, she is told that she will have to deliver a beautiful young woman to a man who will abuse her for his pleasure. Munroe refuses until she sees a video of her love back in Texas with the guarantee that he will be killed if she does not obey.

Munroe undertakes the task, all the while trying to figure out how to turn the table on The Doll Man. She knows at once that she has fallen into the deepest pit of sex-slavery. She also knows that she will eventually kill The Doll Man, or die trying.

Stevens’ books deal with the darkest side of human activity, but they are just barely fiction. Slavery of all forms is more widespread now than in 1860, with the sex trade making up the largest portion. And, yes, that is true in the US as well.

Stevens’ books also back a lot of action with a modern Wonder Woman outsmarting and outgunning the bad guys no matter their size.

Expect to be disgusted with men when you finish this book.

Mike Lawrenced

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