Little Girl Lost

This is the first of a new series by Wyer. DI Carter took a year off after her husband was killed and worked as a private agent. She was asked to look into a missing husband case the week before going back to her real job. She quickly realized that the missing husband required police involvement, so she continued the case from her old office.

The early chapters make you wonder what is going on. We read the thoughts of a young girl, the conversations of several women, and the activities of Carter, but little of what is behind the few clues Carter does discover. We keep reading, knowing that Carter will get there eventually and we soon realize that the young girl is important to the story, but as yet we don’t know how.

Wyer is successful in pulling off more than one twist at the end. I had it figured out only to discover I was wrong. Then I figured it out again only to be wrong again.

Some of the early chapters had too much meaningless chatter among the key women for my taste, but there are clues deep in the talk. I confess to skimming much of those chapters.

It is a good story and worth the read.

Mike Lawrence

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