The Grey Cells of Mr. Poirot

If you enjoy reading Agatha Christie you will enjoy these short stories. Her first short story ever–The Affair at the Victory Ball–was published March 7, 1923; in fact, all 23 of these stories were published in the early twenties. There are several other collections of her short stories. If you are a fan of the 70 episodes featuring David Suchet on TV and now YouTube, 20 of these stories appear in that series.

You will find if you read and then watch a story that the TV show had to expand some of the plots. These short stories are short. Christie was more effusive in her novels with longer character developments as well as more plot points, and red herrings.

This is a great book to have on your e-reader for when you only have 10-15 minutes. Even if you don’t finish the story, it’s easy to jump back in.

Mike Lawrence

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