A Spectacle of Corruption

This is a powerful historical piece with a fast-paced story line to mask all that tedious history. It is set in the year 1722 during the six weeks of the election of Parliament. George the First is the King, even though he is so German he speaks no English. Many want him replaced with James Stuart, son of King James II, even though he is Catholic.

Benjamin Weaver (second book of a series) is arrested, tried, and sentenced to hang. Objecting to hanging for a murder he did not commit Weaver manages to escape. With the help of friends he hides in plain sight while trying to figure out who framed him and why.

I read The Coffee Trader by Liss a couple of years ago and found it hard to put down. Liss has a gift of creating a compelling story within complex history and keeping it enjoyable.

I was not as taken by Weaver because he is too strong and too sure of himself. He is a thieftaker, the term for thieves in the day. In fact, Liss fills the story with common words of 1722. I was lucky to read it on my e-reader so I could get the definitions quickly.

Weaver’s not a bad character and it was a good story well told.

Mike Lawrence

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