Tyrannosaur Canyon

This is a thriller, the kind I generally avoid. But the T-Rex had me at first sight. It is well written, even if the heroes succeed against no-hope-odds over and over. This is the first of a series of 4–so far–in the Wyman Ford series.

If you like thrillers, be advised that you will learn a great deal about dinosaurs, the killer asteroid, the KT boundary, and the chemical analysis of fossils. I consider it time well spent, even if the 60 million year flash backs to the T-Rex is less than scientifically accurate.

The story opens with the murder of the man who discovered the first complete T-Rex–complete as in feathers, skin, internal organs, etc.–and he was able to hand over his note book to hero number one who promised to deliver it to the man’s daughter. Most of the action takes place in New Mexico. Heroes 2 (wife) and 3 (Ford) assist him while hero 4 does the scientific work in New York.

I’m still a little unsettled with the too-neat ending which lacked a reasonable explanation of why all the bloodshed over the T-Rex was necessary. But it is just a story.

Mike Lawrence

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