As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust

This is another mystery book unlike most. Bradley has created a precocious girl who at the age of ten was an accomplished chemist. Now in this 7th book of the series, Flavia is twelve and on her way to Toronto, Canada (Bradley’s home town) to attend Miss Bodycote’s Female Academy. She considers herself to be banished from family and home in England.

As the cover suggests, Flavia is at the school only a couple of hours when a long dead body drops from the chimney and she begins using her considerable skills to solve the case. Doing so requires navigating her way around a building full of girls, some of whom consider her an outsider and a threat.

Bradley’s creation is quirky and funny. She uses all her tricks to dig out the facts, often while getting into trouble with the head mistress.

Bradley’s stories are always enjoyable.

Five Stars.

Mike Lawrence

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

This is book number 12 in The Number 1 Lady’s Detective Agency Series. out of 21 and counting. This series is the one he is best known for, though he has published numerous volumes in 13 other series plus 24 children’s books, 8 stand-alone novels, several non-fiction books, short story collections and a few other odds-and-ends. Oh, his day job? He is a world respected expert in medical laws. His name appears on at least 60 books.

This book can be read on it’s own, but having read the first in the series will give you important roots regarding the characters. You will feel the richness at a deeper level. You will find all the books in the series in the mystery section of the library.

At a remote cattle post south of Gaborone two cows have been killed, and Precious Ramotswe, Botswana’s No. 1 Lady Detective, is asked to investigate by a rather frightened and furtive gentleman. It is an intriguing problem with plenty of suspects—including, surprisingly, her own client. (This paragraph stolen from the Amazon blurb.)

This is a typical case for Ma Ramotswe and it requires most of the book for her to solve it. You will soon learn that the case is no more important than the day-to-day lives of those around the Number 1 Lady’s Detective. You will also learn that Smith has great wit. It is clear that he loves the people he has created and he enjoys letting them get themselves into a tight spot and get themselves out in a way that will keep us smiling as we read on.

I always look forward to the next in the series.

Five stars.

Mike Lawrence