The Lord Said In Reply to Job


Job 38:1-7, (34-41)

Psalm 104:1-9, 25, 37b

Hebrews 5:1-10

Mark 10:35-45

We read in Job 31:35, O that I had someone to give me a hearing; O that Shaddai would reply to my writ, Or my accuser draw up a true bullJSB His three friends have run out of things to say in response to Job’s cry, but a new man speaks in chapters 32-37. He says nothing that was not said by the friends.

Now in Chapters 38-41, we have God’s response to Job. If you read just the verses listed above, you will have the context of the whole. God created everything and is in control of everything. Job, what are you complaining about? You may be blameless, but you live in a world where bad things happen.

In verses 40:1-8, we read:

The Lord said in reply to Job.

“Shall one who should be disciplined complain against Shaddai?

He who arraigns God must respond.


Job said in reply to the Lord:

See, I am of small worth; what can I answer You?

I clap my hand to my mouth.

I have spoken once, and will not reply;

Twice, and will do so no more.


Then the Lord replied to Job out of the tempest and said:

Gird your loins like a man;

I will ask, and you will inform Me.

Would you impugn My justice?

Would you condemn Me that you may be right? JSB


I don’t know how many times I’ve heard something like, “I don’t understand how God can allow that to happen.” We hear it after many of the 36,247 shooting deaths in the US. We hear it after many of the 37,461 car crash deaths in the US. Or after 609,640 cancer deaths.

You get the idea. We tend to become Job when something we can’t get our heads around happens to us.

Faced with a loss beyond understanding, humans have two basic responses. Some conclude God does not exist and some conclude that God rules, but can’t see how at the moment. Job is in the second group. Like David in the Psalms, Job cries out to God. He waits for God to answer.

God has no problem with us crying out to Him. It means we look to Him. He does not want us to turn away from Him.

The answer of Jesus to Job is, when you are hanging on your cross, and you can’t feel God’s presence; don’t worry, I’ve been there, and it will get better.


Read my earlier comments on this theme here.


Be righteous and do good.

Mike Lawrence

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