An Unmarked Grave

This is Bess Crawford number 4. Number 11 will be released this September. If you have not read any of the series, Beth is a nursing sister in the British Army in the Great War. Bess started in book 1 aboard the HMHS Britannic, the third White Star ship converted to a hospital ship. It was close to its destination of Greece where it was to pick up wounded when it struck a mine and sank with only 60 lives lost. (The first White Star ship, RMS Olympic, having made 5 successful trans-Atlantic crossings before the second ship, RMS Titanic, sank, became a troop ship in the war. She was retired from passenger service in 1935. And just for the record, RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship.)

In this book, the 1918 influenza outbreak knocked Bess out of the war for a few weeks, but not before she saw the body of a friend who had obviously been murdered. In her delirium, it was a few weeks before she remembered what she had seen.  By then, the officer had been buried as unidentified and she was at her parents home in England.

This being book 4, Bess is no stranger to solving murders, even as the murder tries to kill her as a witness. Spoiler; she survives to book 5, and, 6-11.

I like the series and plan to continue reading them in order. This is not high literature, just a good read.

The author is actually two people, Charles and Caroline Todd, mother and son.

Mike Lawrence

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