As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust

This is another mystery book unlike most. Bradley has created a precocious girl who at the age of ten was an accomplished chemist. Now in this 7th book of the series, Flavia is twelve and on her way to Toronto, Canada (Bradley’s home town) to attend Miss Bodycote’s Female Academy. She considers herself to be banished from family and home in England.

As the cover suggests, Flavia is at the school only a couple of hours when a long dead body drops from the chimney and she begins using her considerable skills to solve the case. Doing so requires navigating her way around a building full of girls, some of whom consider her an outsider and a threat.

Bradley’s creation is quirky and funny. She uses all her tricks to dig out the facts, often while getting into trouble with the head mistress.

Bradley’s stories are always enjoyable.

Five Stars.

Mike Lawrence

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